Flies are found abundantly almost everywhere with over one lakh species of flies worldwide. Generally, insects which fly are termed as flies. But only those insects that have just one pair of wings are termed as true flies, except few parasitic ones found mostly in isolated islands and mountain peaks. Flies belong to the insect order called Diptera which means insects with two wings.

Maggots are the initial immature stage of flies which is typically found in dead animals and rotten surroundings such as plants, water and wounds. Flies feed mostly on decaying material including fruits, meat faeces, sucks nectar from flowers and sweets. Just a pair of flies is capable of producing thousands of offspring during their lifetime.

Lifecycle of flies starts from Egg – Larva or maggot – pupal – adult fly which typically passes through three stages.


Bottle Fly
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Deer Fly
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Face Fly
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Flesh Fly
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Black Fly
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Fruit Fly
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Horse Fly
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The Drain Fly / Moth Fly
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House Fly
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Flies are responsible for causing many diseases for both human and animals as they are thecarriers of deadly viruses and bacteria.


Flies are carriers of deadly viruses and bacteria’s which and are capable of causing diseases including Cholera, Typhiod Fever, Conjunctivitis, Trachoma, Tapeworm, Roundworm, Leprosy,Tuberculosis, Mycoses, Dysentery, Gastroenteritis, Salmonellosis, etc. Majority of diarrheal illnesses are spread by flies.


Treatment is of two types

  • 1) Outside the buildings, we will spill fly bite mixed with sugar. It attracts the flies to eat.
  • 2) Inside the buildings, we will spray solution to the affected area. No object will be disturbed.


All the flies will die

NOTE: Does not harm to human and even environment.