The word ‘ant’ is very well known to each and every human being on this planet as a small species present throughout the earth, everywhere in different sizes, shapes, colours and odors.

Their lifecycle has been considered as egg, larva, pupa and adults. Adults include queen, male and workers.

Queen ants are females which were fed more as larvae. They are larger than workers and lay all the eggs in a colony -up to millions in some species and have the largest life span – up to 10 to 25 years. The male ants have wings and fly to mate with the queens. They live for only a few weeks and never help with the chores of the colony. They are smaller than the queen ants and their life span is very short. After mating, male ants live for only one or two weeks.

As for as worker ants are concerned, they are females and were fed less as larvae. They do not reproduce but perform other jobs such as taking care of the brood, building and cleaning the nest, and gathering food. Workers are wingless and typically survive for several months.


Argentine Ant
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Allegheny Mound Ant
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Carpenter Ant
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Ghost Ant
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Little Black Ant
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Leaf Cutter Ant
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Odorous House Ant
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Pharaoh Ant
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Red Imported Fire Ant
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White-Footed Ant
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  • 1) Carpenter ants damage wood by excavating and creating galleries and tunnels for their nest.
  • 2) Ghost ant is attracted to sweets and greasy materials. It may transfer germs throughout the home/office which can lead to diseases.
  • 3) Leaf cutter ants can resemble damage produced by several other leaf chewing insects, particularly sawflies and leaf cutting bees.Considerable damage to a plant can occur in a few hours. Small- to medium-sized trees can be stripped in one night.
  • 4) Pharaoh Ants nesting wooden structures can cause significant and costly damages. They can also cause damage to foam insulation. they can cause pain and transmit diseases and contaminate sterile materials, especially in healthcare environments. They can also contaminate sterile equipment and materials, food and even wounds in flesh.
  • 5) Red Imported Fire Ants stinging ispainful that becomes a white blister, allergic, frustrating, not only because of the physical pain they can inflict.
  • 5) White Footed Ants are usually damage indirect.


Apply attractive food with combined gel at discrete places. No object will be disturbed.


After swallowing the gel food, majority of the ants migrate from that place and a few of the weaker ones may perish.

NOTE: Does not harm to human and the environment.