Cockroaches have been on this earth much before humans and birds evolved. They have been living for over 300 million years and are the most primitive of the winged insects. They have evolved into roughly 4,000 species which are categorized under seven families. Cockroaches are highly evolved pests and exist in almost every part of the world except in the Polar Regions or at elevations of about 2,000meters and above since they are very adaptable and can survive in almost any environment.
There are specific species of cockroaches which prefer living around the human habitat. They are commonly found in buildings, homes, restaurants, kitchens, bakeries, ranches, garages, attics and any place where there is a source of water, food and a dark, cozy shelter. Cockroaches are sometimes deadly to humans, causing asthma, allergies and gastroenteritis. They are capable of spreading over 30 different types of bacteria which are fatal to humans. The females lay cases of eggs called oothecae, which may protrude from her body or found stuck in drawers, corners, boxes, etc.


German Cockroach
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American Cockroach
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Oriental Cockroach
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The Asian Cockroach
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Florida Woods Cockroach
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Brown Banded Cockroach
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Australian Cockroach
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ALLERGIES: Cockroaches make humans prone to allergies like asthma, especially among children. Cockroaches are capable of spreading over 30 different types of bacteria which are fatal to humans

FEEDING DAMAGE:Cockroaches like starchy foods. Apart from books and their bindings, they feed on food items like cereals, biscuits, bread, sugary substances and meat products. This may stain or contaminate the foods we consume and cause damage to our health.

•Too ugly to live:The very sight of Cockroaches can cause considerable psychological or emotional distress in some individuals because of its ugliness.


Cockroaches are very dangerous to the health of humans & other animals. They induce Allergies & Asthma symptoms in susceptible people.
• Cockroaches can bite. Diseases are almost exclusively passed on through mechanical transmission as their bodies are contaminated with Bacteria. This may lead to wound, infections, food poisoning and Gastric upset causing Typhoid, amoebiasis, Dysentery and Polio.


Apply attractive food with combined gel at discrete places. No object will be disturbed.


After swallowing the gel food, majority of the Cockroaches migrate from that place and a few of the weaker ones may perish.

NOTE: Does not harm to human, animals, pets, birds and even the environment.