Mosquitoes are insects that have been on planet earth for more than 30 million years. Over this period, they have evolved to include over 3,000 species. In India, there are close to 500 species of Mosquitoes, commonly found in Urban and Rural areas.
Mosquitoes are known to transmit more diseases than any other creatures and are categorised as deadly because of their blood-sucking habits.
They have a slender body with wings, thin legs, a needle-like piercing mouth for sucking and an antenna. The males usually feed on nectar, plant juice and bark gums, but the females are blood thirsty beasts which pierce through the skin of animals and humans with their needle-like mouth to suck blood. The life span of a female is higher than that of the male..


Yellow Fever Mosquitoes
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Mosquitoes transmit more diseases than any other creature on earth. Their bite causes irritation, rashes and swelling. But most importantly, they carry and transmit extremely dreadful and sometimes fatal diseases to humans and animals alike.


A few of the dangerous diseases transmitted to humans by the mosquitoes are malaria, yellow fever, zika, dengue fever, chikungunya, etc. These viruses may cause death if not treated on time.


Apply attractive food with combined gel at discrete places. No object will be disturbed.

Treatment will be given in two types.
  • 1) First method is fogging outside the building.
  • 2) Second method is spraying inside the building. No object will be disturbed.


The hidden Mosquitoes will be driven away from that area.

NOTE: Does not harm to human, animals, pets, birds and even the environment.