Bed bugs are small, dark brown insects which thrive solely on the blood of animals and humans. Cimes Lectularius and Crimex Hemipetrus arethe two species of bed bugs that are principally associated with the human environment.Bed bugs not only prefer sucking human blood, but sometimes they thrive on household pets such as dogs, cats and birds as well.
Human reactions to bed bug bites vary; some individuals do not notice the bite, whereas others report intense local painwhich might disrupt their sleeping patterns. As bed bugs feed predominantly on the human blood, they are usually active at night when you are deepasleep. They disrupt sleep and their bite causes great discomfort just like a mosquito bite. It is reported that certain types of bed bugs cause intense pain and allergies, especially to babies and people with sensitive skin.
Bed bugs prefer to hide in places close to where people sleep. They live and nest in holes of cots, chairs, surfaces and edges of mattresses, box springs, bed frames, pillows, sofas and bedsheets. Bed bugs can be transported on clothing and in a luggage, bedding and furniture. Bed bugs lack appendages that allow them to cling to hair, fur or feathers. So, they are rarely found on the hosts. An adult bed bug can survive for over six months without sucking blood. When it gets a host, it drinks enough blood to survive for a long time.


Cimex Lectularious Bed Bug
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Cimex Hemipterus Bed Bug
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Leptocimex boueti Bed Bug
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  • 1.They are responsible for various dermatological diseases such as skin rashes and blisters
  • 2.Bites can lead to intense itchiness and rashes
  • 3.They emit a musty smell that can lead to beds and pillows stinking
  • 4.Children are prone to fall ill due to bed bugs disrupting their sleep
  • 5.Skin allergies from the bite of bed bugs are common and may lead to serious issues if nottreated on time.
  • Their bites cause anumber of health issuefrom skin rashes to blisters. Sometimes, individuals get viral or bacterial fever if they are exposed to bed bugs for a long time as these insects are known to transmit infectious diseases.


Apply attractive food with combined gel at discrete places. No object will be disturbed.Powder puff dusting in all the areas to create artificial barrier to hidden breeding areas. To seal the space for about 24 hours airtight. No object will be disturbed.


All the troublesome bugs will be killed by drying naturally.

NOTE: Does not harm to human, animals, pets, birds and even the environment.