Silverfish are a highly evolved family of insects. You may have noticed these small, wingless insects moving swiftly when you open your bookshelves, newspaper bundles or when cleaning the attics. These silvery insects thrive in shelves, cardboard boxes and storage areas where papers, books, magazines and clothes are kept. Silverfish resemble fish with regard to their dusty silver colour and their winglessness is compensated by their powerful and speedy fish like movements. They thrive in almost all climatic conditions and are nocturnal, preferring darkness and damp locations. They feed on foods like paper, cloth, gum, starch, cereals, linen etc., which contain carbohydrates and proteins. Young silverfish are white in colour and develop a shining streak as they grow older. They are easily recognizable by their long antennae and silvery body scales.


Common Silverfish
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Bristletail Silverfish
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Four-lined Silverfish
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Firebrat Silverfish
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Jumping Bristletail Silverfish
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Gray Silverfish
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They chew books, files and documents, vintage clothes, paper, cloth, insides of shelves and also eat glue.


Though silverfish are pests, they are not deadly to human. They do not spread illness or bite but are capable of causing extensive damage due to their feeding habits. They thrive exclusively on starch-rich matter like carbohydrates and proteins and can destroy an entire volume of an encyclopedia in a matter of time.


Spreading the powder across by mixing herbal gel with wood dust. No object will be disturbed.


After swallowing the gel food, majority of the Silverfishes migrate from that place and a few of the weaker ones may perish.

NOTE: Does not harm to human, animals, pets, birds and even the environment.