Termites are one of the original insects coming under the Phylum Arthropod and the order Isoptera. Termites are valuable service providers by breaking down dead wood in the forest into soil. They are the first recyclers. Their main predator is an ant. Ants can attack termite colonies or termite workers looking for food. There are over 2000 species of Termites in the tropical and subtropical parts of the world. . But mainly there are 3 types of termites. Once again, the termites have been classified as Workers, Soldiers and Reproductive adults (King & Queen).


Dampwood Termite
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Drywood Termite
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Subterranean Termite
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1.Electrical Wiring: Termites have strong jaws to chew through electrical wiring or cables. Once wires or cables are damaged, this makes a short circuit highly possible. Short circuit causes dangerous fire and other electrical accidents.

2.Harm Structural Integrity: The problems for homes besieged with termites involve structural integrity. Structures primarily made of wood suffer considerable damage to their foundation, beams and other parts.

3.Wood Structural: Damaged dead trees, branches, brush, firewood from residential areas, constructed buildings, wood shingles, fascia boards, natural cracks, checks and joints in exposed wood trim, window and door frames and sills.

4.Building Structural: Enter through wood and building shelter tubes over or through cracks in the foundations, through cellulose material in direct contact with the soil.


Spread Molds: Molds grow in damp and dark environments. They crawl through the wood and disperse the molds by chewing them up. Once mold spores are in the air, these can be easily come inhaled or the spores can land on skin.


The Treatment is of two types, Pre-construction Treatment and post Construction Treatment.

  • 1) Pre-construction Treatment:- The Chemical will be applied in the following stages. i.e. Bottom surface and sides of the excavations column pits, wall trenches and basement, before flooring and after completion of building.
  • 2) Post Construction Treatment:-Drill holes at the junction of floors and inject the chemical and seal the hole.(drill-fill-seal)


The chemical works as a chemical fence and prevents the entry of termites into the guarded area.

NOTE: Does not harm to human, animals, pets, birds and even the environment.