The Tiger Spider is so named because of the tiger-like stripes found on its body. They live mostly inside houses, garages, attics and prefer dark places to hide behind wall hangings, boxes, almirahs and stairs. They also live outdoors, especially in old barks and fallen trees.
Like other spiders, the Tiger Spider also uses its venom to hunt and the poison is potent enough to kill small animals like birds, lizards and rodents, which are its primary prey.


Common name Tiger Spider
Scientific name Poecilotheria Rajaei
Weight Approximate 28 to 85 grms
Length Approximate 5.5 to 60mm
Color Yellow, Orange and Black
Mating Season Spring
Number of eggs Approximate 500 to 1,000
Habitat Kill birds, snakes, rodents and lizards
Lifespan 5 to 20 years


Egg:The female Spiders store the sperms until they are ready to produce the eggs. The eggs are wrapped in a silk egg sac. The mother spider first constructs an egg sac from the strong silk and it is usually white. Then she deposits her eggs inside the sac. Female spider lays eggs from a few eggs to several hundreds, depending on the species. Sometimes, the female spider carries the sac on her back or in her mouth and sometimes she hides it under a rock or attaches it to a plant. The eggs hatch in a short time of about few weeks.

Spider Lings: The spider lings hatch from the eggs. They look like tiny adults. Some spider lings are on their own and get no help from their mother and jump off from mother’s back while some climb onto their mother’s back after hatching. The mother spiders sometimes die right after the spider lings hatch. The Adult spiders lay their eggs before winter. Adult spiders spin webs to catch or hunt their prey. All spiders, from the tiniest jumping spider to the largest tarantula have the same general life cycle. The spider mating ritual also varies and males must approach a female carefully or he may be mistaken for prey. After mating, many male spiders will die though the female is very independent and will care for her eggs on her own.
Female live for 15-20 years while males live for around 5 years.

Damage:The venom of the Tiger Spider is fairly potent. It’s not strong enough to kill a human, but is strong enough to kill birds, snakes, rodents and lizards and the animals which are its primary prey.